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What to expect from us

Our experience and industry knowledge

Our expertise is based on the team’s excellent skills and the longstanding experience gained in projects carried out with our industrial customers from Europe and abroad.

Our network

We are capable of quite a lot, yet with them, we are even stronger: Our network of freelancers and partner companies supports us with additional skills and capacities if needed.

Our tools

We are experienced in the use of several document preparation tools including:

  • All Microsoft Office products
  • Layout software (FrameMaker, InDesign)
  • Technical documentation and content management systems (such as COSIMA, , SCHEMA ST4, DB-Refi, DB IDH-Tool, Trainmate)
  • XML editors (such as Arbortext, XMetaL)
  • Graphic design programs (CorelDRAW, Illustrator)
  • Image editors (Photoshop)
  • Visualisation of 3D data (Creo View)
  • Web content management systems (WordPress, Typo3)
  • Diverse customer-specific software solutions

What tool are you using? If we should not be familiar with your tool, we will quickly familiarise with it!

Our skills profile